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2013 CUHWC University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

Thank you to all of our sponsors,
see list of sponsors below!

The Omni Hotel, Charlottesville
Sunday, August 4 - Wednesday, August 7

The University of Virginia is proud to host the 31st Annual College and University Hazardous Waste Conference (CUHWC).


JEFFERSON Level Sponsor ($4,500)

  1. VES Logo
    Veolia Environmental Services:
  2. PSC Logo
  3. Clean Harbors Logo
    Clean Harbors:


MADISON Level Sponsor ($2,750)

  1. Triumvirate Environmental Logo
    Triumvirate Environmental:
  2. Tier Environmental Services Logo
    Tier Environmental Services:
  3. EcoFlo
  4. Questar
  5. EQ Logo
    EQ - The Environmental Company:
  6. TRADEBE Logo


MONROE Level Sponsor ($1,500)

  2. XPLOSAFE Logo
  3. Heritage Environmental
    Heritage Environmental:
  4. Bionomics
  5. Clean Earth Systems Logo
    Clean Earth Systems, Inc.:


WILSON Level Sponsor ($1,000)

  1. SET Environmental Logo
    SET Environmental:
  2. Dakota Logo
    Dakota Software:
  3. Ecology Services Companies Ecology Services Companies
    Ecology Services Companies:
  4. First Piedmont Waste Removal and Disposal
    First Piedmont Waste Removal & Disposal:
  5. Potomac Environmental Inc
    Potomac Environmental, Inc.:
  6. Cardno TEC Logo
    Cardno TEC:
  7. C.I. Agent Solutions
    C.I.Agent Solutions:
  8. Daniels International
    Daniels International:
  9. Environmental Health and Safety Assistant
    On Site Systems:
  10. Curie Environmental Services
    Curie Environmental Services:
  11. AERC Recycling Solutions
    AERC Recycling Solutions:
  12. WEL Incorporated
    W.E.L. Inc. Environmental Services: